September 23rd, 2007 - January 20th, 2021

You no longer come to greet us when we walk through the door and that makes life so quiet without you Molly, you meant the world to us! You were so much more than a pet, you were a family member. You are always in our heart and on our mind. Our hearts will always love the tiny paw prints that you left behind. No one will ever understand the love we had for you Molly-Dolly, unless they have owned a pet.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Always and forever.

- Molly Joy


2007 - 2021

Rosie, you had sass. You had personality. You had my whole heart and still do 

May 05, 2001 - March 03, 2017

Butters, you quirky no nonsense girl! You loved your brother Thomas so much that you had to follow him not even a year later. The day we found you, out for a drive and your Dad spied a cat carrier in that field and that sweet orange and white face sitting beside it. We didn't know if we could get to you, if you would run, if you would be scared, but you surprised us both by barrel rolling to me and burrowing into my coat. You were so scared and then so very happy to be brought inside. How life can seem so normal...and then so empty all in the same moment. I will never look at a screen door the same without laughing and thinking of you, or using the can opener and not expecting to hear your demands. My water fountains seem to be missing a pretty kitty trying to drink from them. I hope you and Tomtom found each other and he is sharing his sunbeam with you like he did here at home. We will miss you forever Butters. Your quirky ways, your odd habits and your squeaky voice. No one to head butt us....although everyone thought you were named for your colors, we know the real reason. Sweetheart you are missed and loved. I'm so sorry I failed you, we didn't know you were sick until it was too late. I hope your milk bowl is always full and your chin is being scratched. We'll miss you forever Bubbies.

June 08, 2008 - June 13, 2016

Max you were our baby for 10 years and 5 days We are so happy and proud of you, you comforted us when we were sad and you played with our granddaughters, you loved to travel to Florida and you were the most beautiful puppy and grew into the most handsome baby...everyone stopped when they say you!, the comments were wow I never saw such a beautiful big black lab before. You never wanted to play with other dogs..only one Tucker was your Florida friend and you always was happy to see him. Our hearts are broken, our home is silent and empty with out you. We will never be the were Everetts companion and every time he got in the vehicle You would wait for hi, to open the u could jump in and go for the drive... You were my first puppy I fell in love with you the moment I picked you up and the owner said there are other ones you can choose from...well I said I found mine love for you grew and I loved you so much I don't know how to go on...We knew you were in pain and on the way to the vets you hugged me all the way. Thank you Max for showing our family love, happiness and how to play 

April 01, 2000 - January 08, 2016

In loving memory of a great cat and friend Patches. Always there for us no matter what especially when we was upset or feeling down. She loved waking us up in the mid of the night just for a few minutes of loving and just to be petted when her meowing didn't work she would scratch your back until you woke up.Patches loved spending time with us no matter where we were. We will always love and miss you RIP Patches

May 11, 2001 - June 03, 2016

Horatio,I hated to see the day I would have to admit that it was time to cross over,it was painless for you,how I cried at the vet office,I barely remember them pulling you from me to take you in the back room.My heart is broken forever,sometimes I think I hear you voice when your daughter is whining to go to bed,just for a split second I hope its you knowing it can never be :**( You and I totally had a bond,one I never erver took for granted my little can see now in heaven chase mice and play with your furfriends that left before you,I am so crying writing this I miss you so so much,I will look for you when my time comes and I will never let you be alone I will follow you every where,You my MoMo are my furchild and love you forever,we will be together again,God bless your sweet soul,Thank-you for being my best friend and fur son Horatio

February 14, 1994 - April 12, 2016

Thomas, you regal, handsome brat. You agreed when I asked you to be the only 30 year old cat I could know, you didn't hold up your end of the promise My Boy, you only made it to 22 years. I can't believe I'm trying to figure out how to do normal every day things, without you. You were always there, from the day I met you, you stole mine and your Dad's heart. The only cat I ever met that would stand on hind feet with front legs in the air, demanding to be held and if you didn't get your way, you'd just jump....all 25 pounds of you. When we brought you home, people would always say "how handsome your cat is", we would just smile, because not only were you a beautiful cat, you had an unforgetable personality. We promised you on that day, that no matter what you licked, kneaded or sucked on, you would never go to another home and we kept that promise for another 20 years. How does one cat make such an impact on your life, you have left a hole in our hearts. I miss my constant cooking chum, my flying paws of flurry when food was involved, you could steal a piece of food in a blink of an eye, and Heaven forbid if Dad wanted a glass of milk and didn't want to share with you. You taught us so much, but you never taught us how to go on without you. You taught your Dad that cats were more than he thought they could be, and you opened a part of his heart that will always be your spot. We didn't want to say goodbye to you ever, but we knew you were hurting and in pain, we couldn't be selfish even if we wanted to be, you deserved to know we love you that much, that we could hurt this bad but still let you go. I hope you have a nice bright sunbeam to stretch out in and sleep, laps to knead on and ears to lick. Mom and Dad miss you terribly My Boy, maybe someday it wont hurt so bad for us, but right now it doesn't seem possible. I see you everywhere and expect you to come around the corner. Life just isn't the same without your face. We will always love you Tomtom, and I just can't say goodbye. Until we meet again our boy, we will continue loving you.

November 03, 2004 - September 23, 2015

Samantha was a rescue dog, but she rescued us. No matter how bad life could get, she was our daily smile. She took care of us. I guess the morning of September 23rd 2015, she had a good look around, seen the great work she had accomplished and told herself, Ok mamma and papa ,my work is done, time to move on, you will do great, I've taught you well! Tears still come down, but we find ourselves smiling a little bit more everyday as we remember the reasons why we smiled and laughed so much when you were around. I want to believe in the Rainbow Bridge story, I need to believe we will share hugs and kisses again. Mamma and Papa.


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